Saturday, October 13, 2012

Welcome to my world

Well, just shy of 9mos and its happening already.  I’ve had the preverbal door slammed in my face, my kid has kicked me off his blog.  Something about taking too many liberties with my transcription, and my last blog being a little to focused on mommy…whatever.  So here I am.  Probably better to have a place I can clear my coconscious with the added benefit of password protection.
So as to the name for this new little venture.  Over the last few months I have found a lot more clarity about life, my life anyway.  If your twenties are the decade of finding ones self then the thirties must be the decade of acknowledgement,  acknowledgement of who we really are and more importantly what we truly are not.  I have always loved the song Southern Grace by Little Texas.  In my younger, less “ackkowledged” days I had fanciful visions of embodying the genteel lady of which they sang…let’s examine:  “Her voice is like a whisper of the warm air through the pines (HA!) Her smile can reach the sole of any man (Well…) Her heart is strong, her love is true and her touch as soft as lace (Yes, Yes, hello dish pan hands) There ain’t nothing like a woman with southern grace.”  I mean who wouldn’t want to be regarded so fabulously!  Alas, and as you can clearly see in print, there are definite areas where my life is much less Tera and much more Jersey Shore…without the G or the T…plenty of L though!
So here I am, petty coat removed, flaws exposed.  It’s my goal to share with you my daily “failings” (and hopefully a few successes too) in the hopes of throwing the veil back on the challenges of being a woman, wife, working mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend and failed southern belle.