Saturday, September 21, 2013


Inspired by another bloggers piece I came across today I decided to take the opportunity to document some of the constant dic-toddler commands that are frequently uttered In my home these days…while they are still cute…and only mildly annoying…

1. Hand, Hand! This normally results in being lead to any variety of places or to any variety of things he might find desirable at that time (which of late includes the new container of candy corn in the kitchen…OY) Or just as often this commandment is promptly followed by ;

2. Shoes, Shoes! That inevitably leads to …

3. SIDE, SIDE! This is the one that is repeated over and over and over ALL DAY LONG. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful that my kid likes to be outdoors-really- but at 5:30 in the morning…when it’s raining…it’s not nearly as charming, or as easy to explain why it’s not happening.

4. More! A term normally reserved for food items, especially of the small orange fish shaped variety (or his new obsession…)

5. Chips! I SWEAR we do not ply this kid with junk food, but I’ll be dammed if he didn’t look over the baby gate last week at the new bag of pop chips I bought at BJ’s and begin emphatically chanting Chip Chip Chip…Not only did I not realize he knew the word…I sure as heck didn’t expect him to ID the bag in a dark corner of the dining room!

6. Pop-Pop: This phrase can actually encompass either or both sets of grandparents or his Auntie but it is directed at the computer, as he believes its only purpose is to see and talk to people who aren’t here… Yea for Skype! (Although he is starting to call in “pudee” which makes the request a tad easier to understand)

7. Dia-poo (Diaper): As in this one is old and full…new one please!

8. Poddy (potty): In keeping with the previous demand, he makes this request often…but always after the deed is done…baby steps

It’s really pretty cool to watch these connections form rapid fire and I know this is the point when it’s supposed to happen but it’s still pretty awe inspiring. Let’s just hope I can keep that perspective as the demands get louder and the vocabulary gets wider!