Friday, February 22, 2013

This is why I'm a Bad Blogger...

Day 22 (And day 10 respectively)
I'm one week away from the end of Free February and one quarter of the way through this Lenten season and, well, I'm not dead.  (As evidenced by this woefully belated blog post)  As I am drawing near to the end of my one month spending freeze I interestingly find that its not such a big deal anymore.  I don't walk by the vending machine and give it that sideways glance you reserve for an old boy friend who has rebuffed you, nope I walk right past that big money taker, processed food dealer and don't even think about it.  I don't even crave the Starbucks runs...OK I'm lying, I miss them like hell and I keep entertaining daydreams of my wonderful husband surprising me with a grande bold cup of love. sugar in the raw and some half and half if your reading this...babe...babe. ..I digress.  In all seriousness, even though it's not complete I can already call this little experiment a success as it has truly reformed my thinking on "need".  I submit for example this striking moment of clarity:  disparate to get out of the house with the baby this past Sunday i decided we would go to the store...not a luxury, not a cheat...or is it?   Disguising a trip to the market as an excuse to leave the house when we didn't really need anything IS luxury spending...even if it's just on a box of raisin bran.. .which it wasn't...cause I can't have that either. ..
On that front I'm happy to report that things have been better than I thought (save for one bad day where my two "projects" collided and my daily intake was all pop chips or trail mix) and restarting my Paleo-ish habits has me feeling better already.
I have been feeling guilty that I haven't made daily contributions to this blog.   I find if I don't have something "interesting" to say (and clearly this is subjective) I don't feel motivated to post.   Beyond that l work full time and by the time I get home and start my real job I really run out motivation but maybe not much longer.  Today's big accomplishment... I downloaded the mobile version of Blogger!  Most of this post has been written on it and so far I really like it  but until I find the spell check feature
I'm up a creek!  Hopefully my latest dance with the technology devil will help me improve this crazy idea of blogging.

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