Saturday, February 9, 2013

Wholesale Fail...

Day 10

Things got off to a rough start around here this morning.  In my joy and haste to enjoy my free cup of coffee on Thursday somehow it escaped me that by having that empty bag I was now out of coffee...until yesterday morning!  Hello, my name is Lori Ann and I am a coffee addict.  I'd say caffeine addict, which is probably more accurate, but since I don't drink soda and rarely drink tea, coffee is my primary fix and boy do I feel it when I don't get it.  I know its not the best for me, depending on what article you read, but I figure it like this; I don't do drugs, I gave up smoking years ago and my drinking days have been reduced to the occasional glass of wine/beer on a Friday night so if this is my worst be it.  I muddled thorough my morning yesterday by digging out an old Tasters Choice decaf (Blasphemy) single serve left over from my pregnancy days...seriously the day I could begin drinking my beloved again that decaf got shoved to the back...way back and that almost coffee taste held me until I got to work and could get a cup of the real (all though not nearly as delicious as my K-cup) deal. Well fast forward to this morning...SATURDAY morning and there was nothing there to save me, not even crappy office coffee.  Being that I'm on this spending freeze dashing to Starbucks was clearly not an option and loading the baby in the car to go to the grocery just for coffee seemed like a poor secondary option.  Buster has been a big bag of whiny for the past two days.  Judging by the globs of drool falling out of his mouth and the random fever he had this week I blame teeth, probably his 1 yr molars, but Ill keep you posted on that.  Anywho!  The only thing that kept him moderately happy this morning was me sitting in the floor to be at his utmost disposal weather for sitting, climbing, snuggling-my favorite-or being his human I sat there I really though about just how similar we are to Gorillas, the way their babies hang and climb all over them...I digress...This morning was his 9:15 make up class at MyGym.  His regular class is on Thursdays and he normally goes with the Hubs but the weeks where work conflicts I get a chance to take him.  To be honest I spent a few hours this morning (yes you read that correctly, I had a few hours to think about this IE: We've been up since 5:30) trying to talk myself out of it.  He's so whiny, he's tired, he's going to be a mess and we HAVE to go to BJ's today (we need coffee after all)  But by 8:00 when he was still hanging on I decided to stop being selfish and get us dressed and go.  I knew he was tired so I decided to leave at 8:30 thinking I could take the long way and he could sack out for the ride.  Par for the course, that plan was a bust.  He finally falls out a little before 9 and I'm figuring I'll let him sleep in the car until the last possible minute.  We arrive, get parked and all of a sudden it hits me, I'm wearing my Uggs...which means no socks...which means no My Gym...SERIOUSLY!?!?  I blame the coffee deprivation...Soooo after mentally kicking myself A LOT we head for BJ's.
I love club shopping but this trip had me nervous.  Never mind the sleep land mine I was navigating but I knew the items I needed were the big ticket ones; the toilet paper, the paper towels, baby wipes, it was extra awesome when I got to the checkout and found out that our membership had expired!   Ohhhhh Where. Is. That. COFFEE!!??!!!  I don't even want to type the final bill.  I take the tiniest amount of comfort in the fact that I didn't make any "splurge" purchases today.  The bill was big (especially with the instant 50.00 charge to re-up our membership) but everything purchased was something we needed...of wait, I did get sea salt...I guess we didn't need sea salt but my cookies might argue that.  (a big mouthful of kosher salt is not always a good thing!)  So in an effort to mitigate the damage I resolved to hole up here for the rest of the day to remove any spending temptation (infomercials what?)  Thankfully I have wonderful friends and two of them invited me and my whiny little appendage over for a lovely dinner and much need play date.  I think Matthew had a good time too ;)  Thank goodness for the kindness of friends!

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