Thursday, February 7, 2013

Working on my fitness

Day 7

            Today marks the end of my first week of Free February so I decided to reward myself with Starbucks this morning…for FREE of course!  If you have never taken the time to read your packaging…and really why would you, it is fairly small and inconveniently placed for a reason…on every bag of Starbucks Coffee you purchase is a little note notifying you that you can trade in said empty bag for a free tall drip coffee!  Now I will admit, buying bagged Starbucks is not the cheapest coffee route to take without a decent coupon and say a Super Doubles sale at Harris Teeter BUT when you calculate in this little freebie (1.84 value locally) it does quite a bit to lower the overall price for the value, and its damn tasty to boot.  Nice way to start my day.

             Even though its only been one week I'm already seeing a shift in my habits.  I'm actually thinking before I spend! (I know I almost fainted too)  And beyond that I am looking for more economical (read FREE) ways to do things.  Including my exercise routine.  I have admittedly been, for the most part, a total waste of healthy space since this baby was born.  His sleep has been so erratic from day one that there was no real time to "plan" for a work out and if I'm being completely honest even thought I could now work out after he goes to bed at night I don't wanna.  Its already 8-8:30 most nights before I even sit down, exercising at that time of night, for me, just ain't happening, but something has got to give.  I am pretty fortunate that the building I work in provides a few nice amenities one of which is complementary yoga/Pilate's/ab classes on varying days of the week.  I have never really considered these for several reasons; one, my work schedule does not always allow for a "normal" lunch time, meaning making a 12:15 class is not always feasible.  Secondly, I used to work out like a normal person, at a real gym with a real trainer, not in an empty office space, so it just wasn't something I needed.  And finally I am not a tidy exerciser...I don't "perspire" I sweat!  And the thought of having to finish my work day and potentially meet with clients after this type of activity (with no access to a shower) is not the most appealing.  BUT as I mentioned before, something has got to give, and a gym membership isn't in the cards right now.  So I dug my yoga mat out of the closet last night and packed my gym bag to take Abs and more today.  And don't you know the teacher was a no-show!  They say its never happened before...I say it's a sign ;) So since we were already dressed we settled for a brisk walk instead, thank God I packed pants and not shorts!  Not the outcome I expected but I found myself excited about the idea of actually working out (which was the real sign today) so I will be back for more..I just hope the teacher shows up this time!

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